Garvault Burn

A few steps from the Hotel, we have the fishing rights to the Garvault burn, from the Badenloch loch to the source, and that it is good for both brown trout and salmon. So good is the fishing that the head gillie said that he caught his best salmon there.

Badanloch Loch: Location & Access: Loch Badanloch lies to the south of the B871 Kinbrace3/Skye road/ Leave the B871 and follow the track to the boat mooring point at the head of the loch. Loch Badanloch is the eastern section of a series of lochs which feed the Helmsdale River. These lochs are all interconnected and, to the west, include Loch nan Char and Loch Rimsdale. The system covers an area approximately 6 square miles. The surrounding scenery is spectacular with Ben Griam Mor (590m) to the north and Ben Klibreck (961m) to the south.

Fish: A vast number of attractive Wild Brown Trout, some huge Ferox Trout, Artic Char, and Salmon occasionally. Flies and Tactics: An outboard motor is essential if you are to cover the loch effectively. Even then, you will need at least a week in order to do so. Loch Badanloch and Loch-nan-Clar are shallow peat stained waters and you should concentrate your attention around the margins, about 10 to 20 yards out from the bank. A good drift is from the island. However fish rise and are taken throughout the whole system. Most patterns of artificial fly produce results. Start with Black Pennal, Soldier Palmer and Silver Butcher.


Most patterns of artificial fly produce results. Start with Black Pennal, Soldier Palmer and Silver Butcher.Traditional wets and spiders in size 12 and 14 for the brownies in the 1 to 2lb class.

All you'll need are small, black wet flies, maybe something a bit bigger and bushier if there's a big wave such as a zulu or muddler.

Daddies all shapes and sizes, Invitcas, Kate McLatren, Peter Ross, Green Peter, Sedgehogs, Vivas, Pennels, Skinny Olive Dabbler and Claret Bumble.

Just one other bit of advice, keep on the move and cover as much water as possible. Some people make the mistake of staying in one area all day but you need move around and search out wild brownie


Hill Walking and Mountain Biking

Ben Griam Beg and Ben Griam Mor

Distance 14km; Time Approx 4 hours

For visitors, park approx. 500 meters east off the turn for the Gavault House in a parking place on the north side of the road and walk back 100 meters west to the track to Loch Coire nam Mang. Follow the track north for approx. 1.5km where there is a small wooden bridge over the ditch beside the track and head east up the obvious ridge to the summit. From the summit head directly towards Ben Griam Beg which is a bit steep in places it would be better to head slightly towards Loch Druim a Chiliabhain to miss some of the steeper sections. There is a small burn at about 240 meters that requires a run and jump to cross and for a few hundred meters it is a bit boggy until you gain some height. From the summit it was just a case of dropping down to the lochs and following them around until you regain the track south of the boat hut on Loch Coire nam Mang and follow it back to the road and call in to the Garvault for refreshments.

Where to Fish

Three lochs join up in succession..with the boats moored at the end of Badanloch,.then you have Nan Clar then Rimsdale..the three lochs totalling nearly 7 miles long.

Activities within 25km of The Garvault House,

Loch Badanloch By Kinbrace,This large loch linked to Loch Rimsdale and Loch nan Clair holds good numbers of brown trout, some large ferox, arctic char... Kinbrace Lochs Kinbrace, Some glorious lochs in the middle of the Flow country with strong fighting brown trout... Helmsdale Lochs Superb brown trout fishing on these upper Helmsdale lochs, some with boats... Loch Ruathair This large loch at the head of Strath of Kildonan holds large numbers of small trout, plus a few over 1lb. Boats available... River Naver One of Scotland's most exclusive salmon rivers with some 700 fish being taken most seasons. The lower beat is Association... Forsinard Lochs Forsinard, A great variety of hill lochs, with good brown trout fishing... Loch Naver Altnaharra, By Lairg, This 6 mile long loch at the headwaters of the River Naver holds salmon, sea-trout and brown trout. Best for salmon March -... River Halladale A superb spate river, averaging over 300 salmon a year. The lower river has four three rod beats... Tongue, This 4 mile long loch has plenty of trout 8-10 oz, with good numbers of heavier fish 1-3 lbs, also ferox. Boats available. River Mudale A spate river with salmon and brown trout. It flows into Loch Naver. Halladale LochsMelvich, Good brown trout fishing on splendid hill lochs. River Borgie A delightful 7 mile river with four beats and 50 named pools. Average 2-300 salmon. At Torrisdale, 40 miles east of Durness.

North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile scenic route around the north coast of Scotland, starting and ending at Inverness Castle. The route is also known as the NC500 and was launched in 2015, linking many features in the north Highlands of Scotland in one iconic touring route.A great way to see Scotland